L6 Elite



Define project details, setup project charter with project name, type, problem statement, and more. L6 Elite will allow you to Identify Voice of Customer (VOC) and Critical Customer Requirements (CCR). Define risks and develop mitigation plan. Define roles, responsibilities, and increase accountability for the project using a RACI chart, add stakeholders, identify communication methods and SIPOC, and much more.



Identify all tasks and processes to help measure project performance; review processes and how it affects customers' requirements to complete a full analysis. With L6 Elite, users are able to easily quantify the problem.



L6 Elite includes intuitive Pareto charts which allow users to see the frequency of problems caused in a process; Utilize a hypothesis map to understand the current process through analyzing critical X factors and failure models; with one click, L6 Elite provides regression testing, calculations, and results.



Identify process revisions and enhancements to develop an updated hypothesis map. Using L6 Elite, this step helps to identify accountability and implementation of the new and improved process.



Use L6 Elite to easily identify key decision makers, develop test plans, metrics, and controls to determine project compliance and project sustainability post-implementation.

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