L6 Elite

Our Story

Dr. Bre Wallace founded L6 Elite in the winter of 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. She knew that Lean Six Sigma practitioners were struggling to achieve impactful process improvements and Business leaders were struggling to realize the true value of Lean Six Sigma to their customers and bottom-line.

Dr. Wallace was able to relate to these struggles through her own career as a Lean Six Sigma Consultant. Often times Lean Six Sigma practitioners are faced with a lack of resources, due to a lack of senior leadership support. Most practitioners are working in silo on projects due to a lack of appropriate tools that allow for collaboration based on the Lean Six Sigma method. There are issues of insufficient performance data and unaligned scope changes. While also facing additional challenges when managing newer Lean Six Sigma practitioners, due to limited in practice knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methods and best practices captured from previous projects. There was an opportunity to provide Lean Six Sigma practitioners with an intuitive system that captured cost saving and key metrics to allow senior leadership visibility for greater buy-in, collaboration and a central location for historical project data, real-time performance data and updates, and a built-in step by step guide to assist in bridging the gap between knowledge and practice for newer practitioners.

Our Mission

To help Lean Six Sigma practitioners and business leaders maximize process improvements through L6 Elite’s industryleading Software. A simple system that clarifies complexities

Our Vision

We strive to take the lead in changing the way business is done and the way we empower business leaders.