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L6 Elite Consulting Solution

“L6 Elite is passionate, driven, and dedicated to achieving the desired results”

When working with L6 Elite Consultants, your team will be working with experts that have 19+ years of experience with lean six sigma methodology and working in the healthcare industry.

Our focus is on improving processes in Healthcare to ensure you achieve the following:

Reduce patient length of stay

This is a critical component of your patient’s experience. In working with our team, we will improve the internal processes which will help to service patients more efficiently.

Improve operating efficiencies

It is important to ensure things are running efficiently, but not compromise the quality of care provided to your patients. L6 Elite will help to identify redundancies to reduce waste, which will result in improved operating efficiencies.

Increase quality of care

Service is at the heart of everything we do. Your patient’s positive experience means putting their needs first. The L6 Elite team will help identify ways to implement a sustainable approach to providing quality care to your patients.

The sooner we start, the quicker you see results!